Clubhouse Pre-Construction

Since 2004 Hubert has constructed more than 40 clubhouse/amenity facilities for our residential development clients gaining a vast knowledge of how to design and build what in reality are small commercial buildings, using typical residential materials.  Our clients are typically land development professionals, with extensive experience with in the design and construction of stormwater management ponds, utilities, lot layouts and landscape, but with almost no experience in building design and construction.  While these buildings are nowhere nearly as complex today’s modern office and retail buildings, however they can be challenging to the inexperienced and those with little time to oversee the pre-construction phase.

The key to a successful clubhouse project starts with the pre-construction phase, getting the design complete and correct, result in an expedited construction phase leading to satisfied homeowners.  How is the pre-construction phase completed successfully?

  • Identify the amenity requirements, whether driven by marketing, entitlements or needs.
  • If a pool is part of the project, engage with a commercial pool contractor.  The size of the pool drives the facility requirements.   Pool contractors know the process and the codes, in addition, they have really great ideas.
  • Hire a full service architecture firm, who will manage the necessary design consultants to provide a complete set of construction documents, including selection of interior and exterior finishes.
  • Foster a team approach among all the design team members including the architect and his consultants, the pool designer/contractor, the civil engineer and any other stake holders.
  • Be an active manager, set and hold team members to deadlines, insist on seeing and reviewing progress drawings and communicate.
  • If you cannot be an active manager, hire a pre-construction consultant to manage the process.

Follow these keys and not only will the process flow smoothly but it will result in a much easier to manage construction project, that will get delivered on time.

Hubert Construction offers pre-construction services, including: Design Management, Permit Acquisition, Conceptual and Budget Estimating, Value Engineering, Scheduling and Constructability Review.  Contact Matt Shea ,at 301.721.4393, if Hubert can join your amenity facility project team.